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Raven so smart that he “hacks” research experiment

The latest Planet of the Apes film is in theaters — and, as a fan of the series, I can’t wait to see it. But it’s not primate intelligence that’s in the news this week. It’s corvid intelligence. A study published in this month’s edition of the journal Science reveals that ravens parallel great apes… Read more »

Crows Observed in the Wild with Miniature Cameras

Golb Guru passed along yet another article about the intelligence of the of the New Caledonian crow. Like the last one, it’s written by Rebecca Morelle of the BBC. This time she reports that scientists have developed away to mount small cameras to the birds in order to learn more about their behavior. Recent advances… Read more »

Cleverest Crows Use TWO Tools to Solve a Problem

Birds are smart. But some birds are smarter than others. I’ve mentioned before the tool-making skills of New Caledonian crows. Turns out these animal are capable of complex problem-solving. Here’s what Rebecca Morelle says, writing for the BBC: A University of Auckland study has revealed that New Caledonian crows can use separate tools in quick… Read more »

Dolphins Learn Tool Use from Parents

Sally at Veggie Revolution has posted an interesting piece summarizing an article from Science News. Researchers have observed certain dolphins making use of tools. Sally writes: Not too long ago, scientists used to believe that “tool use” was one of the characteristics that set humans apart from all other animals. We now know that animals… Read more »

Spear-Wielding Chimps Live in Caves, Hunt for Food

Here’s an awesome article from New Scientist, and some video to go along with it. In a revelation that destroys yet another cherished notion of human uniqueness, wild chimpanzees have been seen living in caves and hunting bushbabies with spears. It is the first time an animal has been seen using a tool to hunt… Read more »

Chimps May Have Used Hammers 4300 Years Ago

A couple of people sent me this article from CNN which describes how chimps may have been using tools for thousands of years. It reads in part: Chimpanzees may have been using stone “hammers” as long as 4,300 years ago, an international research team, led by archaeologist Julio Mercader of the University of Calgary, Canada,… Read more »

Crows Make, Use Tools

Here’s an old bit of news, one of the first things that really made me realize that, “Hey — animals are pretty damn smart after all.” In the Brevia section of the 9 August 2002 issue of Science, Weir et al. report a remarkable observation: The toolmaking behavior of New Caledonian crows. In the experiments,… Read more »

Video: Clever Crows

Here’s some footage of clever crows in a Japanese city. Crows are exceptionally intelligent.