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Raven so smart that he “hacks” research experiment

The latest Planet of the Apes film is in theaters — and, as a fan of the series, I can’t wait to see it. But it’s not primate intelligence that’s in the news this week. It’s corvid intelligence. A study published in this month’s edition of the journal Science reveals that ravens parallel great apes… Read more »

Buddy the talking starling

It’s been a l-o-n-g time since I wrote at Animal Intelligence. Too long. I intend to put an end to that. Instead of sitting on the stories I find, I’ll share them as soon as possible, even if I don’t have time to research additional background information. To kick things off, here’s the story of… Read more »

Chimpanzee Learns to Ride a Segway

I never understand those crazy Japanese television shows. But here’s a clip from one in which a chimpanzee learns to ride a Segway: I especially like how, after crashing into the bushes a couple times, the chimp learns to steer. Neat.

Sammy the Friendly Jay

This summer, my wife and I have made friends with the blue jays that live in our yard. We have been shocked by how brave they are, and by how much personality they possess. I grew up with birds in the house, but they were parrots and macaws and parakeets. I know that these birds… Read more »

The Cat Who Was Raised by a Crow (Extended Version)

Last fall I shared a two-minute video of the cat who was raised by a crow. Diane recently left a comment pointing to a longer video with a more complete story on this unlikely friendship: There is nothing I like more than stories of interspecies friendship. I love the idea that different kinds of animals… Read more »

A Cold Shower: More Elephants in Love

In an older post about elephants in love, Lynne shared the following story. With her permission, I’m posting it as an entry. I volunteered at a zoo back in the 1970’s doing animal behavior observations with elephants and others.  I spent one hour each week observing and recording what I saw. One week I watched… Read more »

136 Cats in a Small Apartment

I am in awe over this newstory about a Siberian woman who shares her apartment with 136 cats. 136 cats! I have four cats, and even they are too much to control. Every one of them is an individual being with a strong personality. How in the world could anyone cope with 136 of the… Read more »

Pig Sanctuary

My friend Joel loves pigs. That’s probably putting it a little strong. Joel respects pigs and believes they’re too intelligent to eat. He refuses to eat pork products. A life without bacon isn’t something I’m ready to pursue, but I’ll grant that our porcine cousins do have a reputation for braininess. While browsing the web… Read more »

Oscar the Cat Predicts Patients’ Deaths

Animals are often credited with possessing an uncanny sixth sense, a level of perception beyond those that we as humans possess. Some people believe that animals are able to sense barometric changes and can be used as an indicator of impending rain. (I never believed this until recently when we were hit with an unexpected… Read more »

A Story of Hope: The Chicken Rescued from the Slaughterhouse

In response to the story of my office chicken, Canaduck forwarded a series of videos documenting the life of Hope, a chick rescued from a slaughterhouse. All of the text that follows is taken from the descriptions of these videos on YouTube. 07 Jan 2007 Hope is a broiler chicken found outside a slaughterhouse. He’s… Read more »