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Baby elephant chases birds in circles

Did you like yesterday’s video of an elephant pretending to be a rhino? Want more of these clever beasts? Too bad. Today’s playful pachyderm ins’t necessarily smart — just cute. Here’s a baby elephant chasing birds around in circles: I love it! I’m not sure where this video was taken. It sure doesn’t look like… Read more »

Tiny housecat charges full-grown lion

You might think that the average housecat would be afraid of its much larger (and more ferocious) cousin, the lion — but you’d be wrong. In this short video, Baggy the brave calico stands up to and charges Noey, a full-grown lioness: By the way, if you want to watch more videos of big cats,… Read more »

Pet fox loves his new tunnel!

Over at Favourable Fox on Tumblr, Kristen blogs about the things that are important to her — including her pet dog (Cas) and her pet fox (Riot). That’s right: This gal has a pet fox. And it’s so cute! Riot is so popular that he has his own YouTube channel, which includes lots of foxy… Read more »

Do lions and tigers like catnip?

I’ve always been fascinated by the similarities — and differences — between big animals and their domesticated counterparts. Take cats, for example. Do lions and tigers purr? (Answer: Sort of. Your neighborhood tabby purrs while inhaling and exhaling; big cats purr only when they breathe out.) And while I’ve been reading Animals in Translation, I’ve… Read more »

Chimpanzee Learns to Ride a Segway

I never understand those crazy Japanese television shows. But here’s a clip from one in which a chimpanzee learns to ride a Segway: I especially like how, after crashing into the bushes a couple times, the chimp learns to steer. Neat.

Animals and Perceptions of Reality

When I was a kid, we used to try to fool our dog, Hairy. We’d make a stuffed dog “growl” and “bark” at him. Hairy was always game, responding to the play with growls and barks of his own, but I’ve always wondered just what his thought process was. Did he understand it was play?… Read more »

Pig Sanctuary

My friend Joel loves pigs. That’s probably putting it a little strong. Joel respects pigs and believes they’re too intelligent to eat. He refuses to eat pork products. A life without bacon isn’t something I’m ready to pursue, but I’ll grant that our porcine cousins do have a reputation for braininess. While browsing the web… Read more »