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A sloth eating carrots

One reason I’ve decided to begin posting again at Animal Intelligence is that I’ve discovered a reliable source for new videos about animal behavior. Video-aggregator (one of my favorite sites) regularly features clips of animals doing amazing things. And doing normal things, just like this: Yes, it’s just a sloth eating carrots. There’s nothing… Read more »

Slow-motion owl in flight

Here’s a short, slow-motion clip of an owl in flight: Not so much about animal intelligence as it is about the beauty and grace of the animal kingdom.

Chimpanzee Learns to Ride a Segway

I never understand those crazy Japanese television shows. But here’s a clip from one in which a chimpanzee learns to ride a Segway: I especially like how, after crashing into the bushes a couple times, the chimp learns to steer. Neat.

Trap-Jaw Ants

Can you jump over 100 feet in the air? Neither can I. But trap-jaw ants can perform the equivalent feat. With their mouths. This video (complete with protractor!) demonstrates these amazing insects in action, using their jaws to propel themselves great distances. From the YouTube post: This has to be one of the oddest (and… Read more »

The Cat Who Was Raised by a Crow (Extended Version)

Last fall I shared a two-minute video of the cat who was raised by a crow. Diane recently left a comment pointing to a longer video with a more complete story on this unlikely friendship: There is nothing I like more than stories of interspecies friendship. I love the idea that different kinds of animals… Read more »

Animals and Perceptions of Reality

When I was a kid, we used to try to fool our dog, Hairy. We’d make a stuffed dog “growl” and “bark” at him. Hairy was always game, responding to the play with growls and barks of his own, but I’ve always wondered just what his thought process was. Did he understand it was play?… Read more »

The Dog, the Cat, and the Rat

By far my favorite aspect of animal intelligence are the stories of interspecies friendships. A goat that hangs out with tiger cubs? A pig that befriends a bear? A moose and a tern who are inseparable? These sorts of things make my day. I want to believe that on some level, all animals are capable… Read more »

136 Cats in a Small Apartment

I am in awe over this newstory about a Siberian woman who shares her apartment with 136 cats. 136 cats! I have four cats, and even they are too much to control. Every one of them is an individual being with a strong personality. How in the world could anyone cope with 136 of the… Read more »

Kitten in a Bathtub

People keep sending me animal intelligence links, but I haven’t found the time to post them. Instead, here I am on a Saturday morning posting a video of a cat in a bathtub. Have you ever seen such behavior? Most of my cats hate water. I have one, Max, who will drink from the faucet,… Read more »

More Animal Drunkards: The Fruit of the Marula Tree

After yesterday’s story about drunken elephants, an Animal Intelligence reader pointed me to this video clip from the 1974 documentary Animals Are Beautiful People. In this scene, a variety of animals get a little tipsy from consuming fermented marula fruit. According to the Wikipedia entry on this film, some critics believe this scene was staged…. Read more »