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Tiny housecat charges full-grown lion

You might think that the average housecat would be afraid of its much larger (and more ferocious) cousin, the lion — but you’d be wrong. In this short video, Baggy the brave calico stands up to and charges Noey, a full-grown lioness: By the way, if you want to watch more videos of big cats,… Read more »

Pet fox loves his new tunnel!

Over at Favourable Fox on Tumblr, Kristen blogs about the things that are important to her — including her pet dog (Cas) and her pet fox (Riot). That’s right: This gal has a pet fox. And it’s so cute! Riot is so popular that he has his own YouTube channel, which includes lots of foxy… Read more »

The raccoons on my porch

My cat Toto is aging, and as she ages, her body is failing her. Mentally, she seems sharp, but after sixteen years, Toto’s hips are causing her obvious trouble. In fact, they make it so that she can’t use a litterbox effectively. She tries to squat, but mostly she just pisses out the back end… Read more »

A Monkey’s Best Friend

Yesterday we shared the story of Tara the elephant whose best friend is Bella the dog. Here’s another animal odd couple: As unlikely friendships go, this one’s a doozy. Surya the orangutan was out for her daily walk with her human companions (atop a freaking elephant of course!) when she spotted a lost hound dog…. Read more »

An Elephant’s Best Friend

What better way to kick off the re-launch of Animal Intelligence than a story of inter-species friendship? As long-time readers know (if there are still any long-time readers remaining), and as new readers will soon learn, I have a soft spot for stories about animal odd couples. A cat who is raised by a crow?… Read more »

Cat and Dog Friendships

When I was a boy, we had a Saint Bernard. Like all Saint Bernards, Charlie was a big, slobbery dork of a dog. Charlie was a good dog. We also had several cats, one of which was named Batman. (We named all of our cats after comic book characters.) Charlie and Batman were best friends…. Read more »

Libby, the Seeing-Eye Cat

Lynn sent me an item that’s been making the rounds as an e-mail forward. Though I’m reluctant to post something that I cannot properly credit, I’m going to do so. I like it that much. Terry Burns from Middleburg, Pennsylvania shared this photograph and caption with an unknown magazine: The text reads: Cashew, my 14-year-old… Read more »

Sammy the Friendly Jay

This summer, my wife and I have made friends with the blue jays that live in our yard. We have been shocked by how brave they are, and by how much personality they possess. I grew up with birds in the house, but they were parrots and macaws and parakeets. I know that these birds… Read more »

The Cat Who Was Raised by a Crow (Extended Version)

Last fall I shared a two-minute video of the cat who was raised by a crow. Diane recently left a comment pointing to a longer video with a more complete story on this unlikely friendship: There is nothing I like more than stories of interspecies friendship. I love the idea that different kinds of animals… Read more »

The Dog, the Cat, and the Rat

By far my favorite aspect of animal intelligence are the stories of interspecies friendships. A goat that hangs out with tiger cubs? A pig that befriends a bear? A moose and a tern who are inseparable? These sorts of things make my day. I want to believe that on some level, all animals are capable… Read more »