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Pet fox loves his new tunnel!

Over at Favourable Fox on Tumblr, Kristen blogs about the things that are important to her — including her pet dog (Cas) and her pet fox (Riot). That’s right: This gal has a pet fox. And it’s so cute! Riot is so popular that he has his own YouTube channel, which includes lots of foxy… Read more »

How Otter Pups Learn to Swim

Did you know that otters have to be taught to swim? These cute little critters aren’t born with an affinity for water. When they’re about a month old, their mother has to teach them to enter the water, to float, and then to swim. Here’s a video from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in which… Read more »

The Dog, the Cat, and the Rat

By far my favorite aspect of animal intelligence are the stories of interspecies friendships. A goat that hangs out with tiger cubs? A pig that befriends a bear? A moose and a tern who are inseparable? These sorts of things make my day. I want to believe that on some level, all animals are capable… Read more »

Kitten in a Bathtub

People keep sending me animal intelligence links, but I haven’t found the time to post them. Instead, here I am on a Saturday morning posting a video of a cat in a bathtub. Have you ever seen such behavior? Most of my cats hate water. I have one, Max, who will drink from the faucet,… Read more »

Squirrels Complete Amazing Obstacle Course

If I saw it on Digg, it must be good, right? The Presurfer writes: These video clips are from the film, Daylight Robbery II, which aired on the Discovery Channel in November of 1995. It was produced by the B.B.C. and presented by Dr. Jessica Holm. In any event, it’s amazing stuff: We have a… Read more »

Duck and Dog

I’m swamped with preparations to leave for vacation! I have plenty of great animal intelligence stuff bookmarked, but haven’t found time to post it. To tide you over, here’s a video of a duck and a dog engaged in some sort of inexplicable behavior. Is the duck preening the dog? What is going on? I… Read more »

Video: Otters Holding Hands

Here’s another one for the “cute” category: Or maybe there is some intelligence here. Are the otters expressing affection? Are they playing a game? The one most certainly goes out of its way to “re-connect” after they’re separated. (I like how the one otter becomes “beached” midway through, but keeps on sleeping.)

Dog Cares for Abandoned Kittens

If I’m not careful, this is going to turn from “Animal Intelligence” into “Cute Interspecies Friendships”. Here’s a dog that’s willingly taking care of some abandoned kittens. I have no idea what is being said in Japanese here. As with many of these stories, this comes via frykitty.

Cute Tiger Cub Video

Here’s a piece of fluff (but a cute piece of fluff) — a Sumatran Tiger Cub from Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo. Maybe I need to introduce a “cute” category.