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Tortoise vs. Cat

Here’s another in a long line of videos where I’m unsure what I’m seeing. The person who posted this at YouTube wrote, “A tortoise in our garden defends it’s territory against invading cats.” Is the tortoise playing? Is it angry? (I lean toward the latter.) Are the cats hurting it when they respond? It doesn’t… Read more »

Bats Fight Drunkenness with Sugar

Lynn forwarded a story from Fox News about bats who have learned how to sober up when they become intoxicated. Bats often risk getting drunk off cocktails of alcohol that stew inside ripened fruit. And just as driving is dangerous for intoxicated humans, so is flying for drunken bats. Now scientists find bats are savvy… Read more »

The Cat Who Rode the Bus

Amanda sent a story of a cat who rides the bus. According to the London Daily Mail, a mystery cat has been hitching a ride for the past few weeks. The feline, which has a purple collar, gets onto the busy Walsall to Wolverhampton bus at the same stop most mornings — he then jumps… Read more »

Can Panda Porn Save a Species?

Fox News, of all places, is reporting that officials at a zoo in northern Thailand are hoping that “panda porn” will encourage animals in their possession to mate. Chuang Chuang the panda has been spending his days in front of a big screen television watching panda porn. Authorities at the Chiang Mai Zoo in northern… Read more »

Dog Saves Choking Owner

Canaduck forward a story about a dog that saved its owner from choking: Toby, a 2-year-old golden retriever, saw his owner choking on a piece of fruit and began jumping up and down on the woman’s chest. The dog’s owner believes the dog was trying to perform the Heimlich maneuver and saved her life. Debbie… Read more »

Spear-Wielding Chimps Live in Caves, Hunt for Food

Here’s an awesome article from New Scientist, and some video to go along with it. In a revelation that destroys yet another cherished notion of human uniqueness, wild chimpanzees have been seen living in caves and hunting bushbabies with spears. It is the first time an animal has been seen using a tool to hunt… Read more »

Some Birds Plan Their Meals

Science News reports that researchers at the University of Cambridge have discovered that some birds have a concept of time that includes the future, and that they’re able to plan their meals accordingly. The strongest evidence yet that animals plan ahead may come from western scrub jays preparing for their morning meals. Plenty of animals… Read more »

On Animals and Ego

I had an interesting conversation with my friend Paul last week. We were discussing socially-responsible investing via chat. The conversation eventually turned more philosophical: 5:27:50 PM radiofreewog: I can’t let my ego control my behavior 5:28:05 PM jdroth: ? 5:28:07 PM jdroth: Ego is all there is. 5:28:13 PM jdroth: :) 5:28:27 PM radiofreewog: hmmm… Read more »

Nora, the Piano-Playing Cat

This doesn’t show intelligence per se, but it is certainly curious behavior. Here’s Nora, the piano-playing cat: What prompts animals to do things like this? I cannot believe it’s simply random. It’s certainly not instinctual. (I have friends who believe that all animal behavior is purely instinctive — a position I believe is completely indefensible… Read more »

Chimps Eat Herbs to Cure Malaria has a story about how chimpanzees use the same plants as traditional human healers to treat physical ailments. In her five-year study at Kanyawara research station, located on the edge of Kibale, [Sabrina] Krief found that chimps carefully select and consume plants like mululuza, which have little nutritive value. These plants, however, have medical… Read more »