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Kitten in a Bathtub

People keep sending me animal intelligence links, but I haven’t found the time to post them. Instead, here I am on a Saturday morning posting a video of a cat in a bathtub. Have you ever seen such behavior? Most of my cats hate water. I have one, Max, who will drink from the faucet,… Read more »

Elephants in Love

In August, the Guardian Unlimited reported on an elephant love story. It’s a short piece, so I’ll quote it in its entirety: It’s a very traditional love story — just on a bigger scale than usual. A tame female elephant has fled an Indian circus after eloping with a wild bull elephant that broke open… Read more »

More Animal Drunkards: The Fruit of the Marula Tree

After yesterday’s story about drunken elephants, an Animal Intelligence reader pointed me to this video clip from the 1974 documentary Animals Are Beautiful People. In this scene, a variety of animals get a little tipsy from consuming fermented marula fruit. According to the Wikipedia entry on this film, some critics believe this scene was staged…. Read more »

Drunken Elephants Come to Shocking End

I’ve read many reports of animals who love alcohol just as much as humans do. But until now, I never knew that their wild parties could lead to drunken brawls. The West Australian has a story about a herd of elephants that had a little too much beer and then went on a rampage. Here’s… Read more »

Oscar the Cat Predicts Patients’ Deaths

Animals are often credited with possessing an uncanny sixth sense, a level of perception beyond those that we as humans possess. Some people believe that animals are able to sense barometric changes and can be used as an indicator of impending rain. (I never believed this until recently when we were hit with an unexpected… Read more »

Video: Christian the Lion Reunited with Humans Who Raised Him

Nicole forwarded an amazing video. Christian the lion was raised by humans and then released into the wild. Watch the cat’s reaction when these people return to see him a year later. After a year apart, after a year in the wild, Christian still recognizes his old friends and greets them with enthusiasm. Aside from… Read more »

Cats and Chickens = BFF

I’m back from vacation and eager to write more about animal intelligence. While I was gone, a couple of readers (this site has readers!) forwarded stories about amazing animals. I’ll share those in the coming days. For now — and seemingly at random, I know — here are several clips of chickens who live with… Read more »

The Elephant Bandit

My friend Dave pointed me to a brief story at NPR’s “Morning Edition”. Here it is in full: If you’re an elephant turned bandit, you don’t need a gun; a couple of pointy tusks will do. The Hindustan Times reports an elephant bandit is holding up motorists in the eastern state of Orissa. His modis… Read more »

The Best of Planet Earth, part one

On strong recommendations from friends, my wife and I have been watching Planet Earth, the BBC nature documentary recently broadcast on The Discovery Channel. The cinematography is gorgeous, and I love the insights into animal behavior. I can’t give the project unequivocal praise, though. The writing is sometimes uneven, and some episodes lack any real… Read more »

Kruger National Park: Battle Between Buffalo, Lions, and Crocs

Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in South Africa. It lies nestled in the northeast corner of the country, next to Mozambique and close to Zimbabwe. The reserve is home to a variety of flora and fauna. YouTube user Jason275 has posted footage captured by a group on safari inside the park. Beside… Read more »