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Stray Cat Can Sense When Other Cats Are Sick or Hurt

The San Jose Mercury News reports that a marmalade cat named Christopher seems to have a sixth sense. Christopher lives at the Nine Lives Foundation’s Feline Well-Care Clinic (that’s a mouthful!) and has the uncanny ability to sense when other cats are sick and hurting. From the article: [Christopher] will sit outside the cages of… Read more »

Gorillas and Humans Use Similar Body Language to Communicate

Gorillas and humans use similar body language to communicate, reports the U.K. Daily Mail. Researchers at the University of Sussex studied a family of gorillas in a British animal park. Psychologist Dr Gillian Sebestyen said: “We shared 23 million years of evolution with great apes and then diverged approximately six million years ago. Gorillas have… Read more »

Libby, the Seeing-Eye Cat

Lynn sent me an item that’s been making the rounds as an e-mail forward. Though I’m reluctant to post something that I cannot properly credit, I’m going to do so. I like it that much. Terry Burns from Middleburg, Pennsylvania shared this photograph and caption with an unknown magazine: The text reads: Cashew, my 14-year-old… Read more »

Sammy the Friendly Jay

This summer, my wife and I have made friends with the blue jays that live in our yard. We have been shocked by how brave they are, and by how much personality they possess. I grew up with birds in the house, but they were parrots and macaws and parakeets. I know that these birds… Read more »

Trap-Jaw Ants

Can you jump over 100 feet in the air? Neither can I. But trap-jaw ants can perform the equivalent feat. With their mouths. This video (complete with protractor!) demonstrates these amazing insects in action, using their jaws to propel themselves great distances. From the YouTube post: This has to be one of the oddest (and… Read more »

The Cat Who Was Raised by a Crow (Extended Version)

Last fall I shared a two-minute video of the cat who was raised by a crow. Diane recently left a comment pointing to a longer video with a more complete story on this unlikely friendship: There is nothing I like more than stories of interspecies friendship. I love the idea that different kinds of animals… Read more »

The Dog, the Cat, and the Rat

By far my favorite aspect of animal intelligence are the stories of interspecies friendships. A goat that hangs out with tiger cubs? A pig that befriends a bear? A moose and a tern who are inseparable? These sorts of things make my day. I want to believe that on some level, all animals are capable… Read more »

Squirrel Smarts (Times Two)

Here’s one a couple months old. The 20 January 2008 edition of the Toronto Star reported on two new stuides about the brains of squirrels. First, from the journal Animal Behaviour (which sounds like something I need to be reading!), biologist Michael Steele at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania has been examining how squirrels cache nuts…. Read more »

A Cold Shower: More Elephants in Love

In an older post about elephants in love, Lynne shared the following story. With her permission, I’m posting it as an entry. I volunteered at a zoo back in the 1970’s doing animal behavior observations with elephants and others.  I spent one hour each week observing and recording what I saw. One week I watched… Read more »

Moko, the Heroic Dolphin

“You’re home blogging full-time now,” a friend wrote me recently. “Does that mean there’s a chance you’ll revive Animal Intelligence? Again?” Why sure! A couple of people sent me this BBC News story about a New Zealand dolphin that helped to rescue a pair of beached whales. Due to copyright issues, I’ve been trying not… Read more »