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Are nature documentaries fake?

I love nature documentaries like the awesome Planet Earth series from BBC. But I always wonder how much of what we see is real and how much is fake. Well, maybe not fake, but “manufactured”. What do I mean? Well, take the sound effects, for instance. In Planet Earth, the sound seldom seems to match… Read more »

Welcome to the Jungle!

After two days of hard work, I’ve managed to massage Animal Intelligence into shape, I think. If you visit the site (as opposed to reading via e-mail or RSS), you’ll see that Animal Intelligence sports a new layout and a few new features in the sidebar. What you see here is just the start, and… Read more »

New Layout

While it would be keen of me to actually post some more animal intelligence news — I have ten browser tabs open, each with a different AI story — I’ve taken the liberty of sprucing things up around here instead. The original blog template was a makeshift thing, thrown together on the spur of the… Read more »

Crows Smart Enough to Hold a Grudge

Nicole sent me another story, this one from last spring. It seems that an Israeli man made the mistake of moving a baby crow that had fallen from its nest. This made the chick’s mother angry, and she’s been terrorizing him ever since: Badash’s nightmare began after a crow’s chick fell out of its nest… Read more »

Free Lectures on Animal Behavior

UC Berkeley offers a number of its courses available online for free download via the iTunes Music Store. One of these courses is IB 31: Animal Behavior taught by Roy Caldwell. This course, which is provided as a podcast, features lectures with titles such as: Behavioral Genetics Is Personality Heritable? Social Insects Sexual Selection Parent-Offspring… Read more »

About Animal Intelligence

I’m back from vacation, and have just posted the following as this site’s “about” page. This is a weblog about animal intelligence. Its premise is that the birds and beasts are smarter than most people credit, that they’re capable of leading rich emotional lives. I do not believe that animals possess human intelligence. That is… Read more »


Nine days into this blog and I’m already taking a vacation? Sad but true. I’m off to San Francisco for ten days. I’ll be back with more tales of smart animals on the 21st.